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Upcon® – Upconverting Nanoparticle System

Upconverting Nanoparticle System

Upcon is a comprehensive concept built around a novel label technology based on photon upconversion. Upconverting nanoparticles (UCNPs) provide several advantages over traditional fluorescent labels like conventional fluorophores or quantum dots. In this unique detection technology, near-infrared excitation (980 nm) is converted to visible light via a process that totally eliminates autofluorescence and scattered excitation light. The Upcon® nanoparticles are bright and photostable and very well suited for use in quantitative lateral flow (LF) assays, for example.

Upcon® is a joint venture between Kaivogen and Labrox, in which Kaivogen is responsible for the nanoparticles and Labrox for the readers.


Our nanoparticle offering

Upcon® nanoparticles are available as functionalized (e.g. COOH) or as biomolecule conjugates (e.g. conjugated to streptavidin or an antibody of your choice). We offer a conjugation service and an assay development service, and we can also help you to evaluate the technology in your own assay. Several options are available regarding the nanoparticle size and coating (which is fundamental in rendering the nanoparticles hydrophilic). Some options are already manufactured under ISO 13485 and more are in the R&D pipeline.

980 nm Crystls

Upcon assay buffer