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Kaivogen is now a part of Uniogen. Three Finnish life science experts, Abacus Diagnostica, Kaivogen and Labrox, have joined forces to form Uniogen, a global pioneer in diagnostic solutions and point-of-care testing. Please visit Uniogen´s website for more information.

Kaivogen Oy is a Finnish biotech company established in 2007. The kaivo in the company name is Finnish for the well of a microplate and relates to the company’s very first products, streptavidin coated plates. Since its start up with these products, Kaivogen has extended its portfolio year by year. Current products include a wide range of assay development services from kit manufacturing to custom plate production, custom biomolecule conjugation and custom buffer preparation. In addition, we provide various streptavidin and anti-species plates and buffer products as catalogue items. Also check out our Upcon® nanoparticle-based detection technology that is well suited for lateral flow applications.

Kaivogen’s main customer group consists of IVD companies, for whom Kaivogen acts as an OEM manufacturer of components for IVD assays and kits. Other customer groups include research foundations and academic research groups. Around 90% of Kaivogen’s turnover each year comes from exported products, the main export destinations being the USA and the Nordic countries.

Kaivogen in numbers

In 2017 Kaivogen celebrated its 10th anniversary. By the end of 2018, we had coated well over 700 000 microplates enabling the analysis of over 40 000 000 patient samples using our plates. In 2016 we got our new plate coating line operational, providing a batch size of over 2000 plates. We have highly skilled personnel with combined experience of over 340 years in the field, including 6 PhDs specialized in bioanalytical applications – all ready to help you achieve your goal.

Our growth

Biotech Company Personnel Rooftop

“Being part of the ever positive ‘Kaivogen family’ is what makes work not feel like work. Everyone wants to aid each other regardless of the project or group they are part of. A lot of brainstorming is done over a cup of coffee.”

From a small and ambitious three-person start-up, Kaivogen has grown over the years into a solid and versatile full-service biotech company. Kaivogen currently employs more than twenty highly motivated people who together help to create a lively and inspiring atmosphere that supports the ongoing activities and cultures the growth of new ideas and collaborations.

During the years, Kaivogen has had the privilege to participate in numerous assay development projects and other ventures. The first big endeavour was the establishment of the streptavidin coating line that brought the company into existence and saved a global IVD company from a lot of trouble when their earlier microplate provider discontinued streptavidin plate coating. After that, Kaivogen has helped several companies, for example, by solving problematic results through technology transfer, by renewing old assay concepts and by taking part in co-funded assay development projects. More recently, through the launch of Upcon®, Kaivogen has pioneered the introduction of a new detection technology based on upconverting nanoparticles.

Our core values continue to build around flexible and customer-oriented operation, consistent high quality and proven reliability.

We would love you to be part of the story and help you grow with us.

Board of Directors

Timo Lövgren, PhD, is Emeritus Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, University of Turku and the Chairman of the Board of Kaivogen. He is the former head of R&D at Wallac Oy, a company later acquired by PerkinElmer corporation. Professor Lövgren currently has 17 patents and over 250 publications. In addition to being one of the founders of Kaivogen, he has set up three other successful biotechnology companies.

Leena Kokko, PhD, is the Managing Director and one of the founders of Kaivogen. She acquired her PhD from the Department of Biotechnology, University of Turku, while working there as a lead scientist in several assay development projects. She is an author of several scientific articles.

Jarkko Karvinen, PhD, the Business Development Manager of Kaivogen, has a strong background as a scientist. Earlier in his career he has held several senior positions in major diagnostics and drug discovery companies in the USA and Finland; previous employers have included PerkinElmer and Radiometer. He is the author of several scientific articles and has also contributed to the development of his field with inventions covered by two approved patents.