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Streptavidin coated plates

Kaivogen started off solely as a microplate provider. We continue to offer high-quality plate products at a competitive price. Kaivogen streptavidin coated microplates are suitable for a wide range of applications. The 96-well plates are available in several different formats including 12-well strip plate, 8-well strip plate and breakable strip plate, enabling the use of various instruments and assay configurations. Other plate formats and 384-well plates are also available on request.

All the plates have high affinity towards biotin and are stable over a wide range of pHs, detergent concentrations and ionic strengths. The available plate families differ in terms of their binding capacity, background and streptavidin leaching properties and their cost.

  • For ELISA- type measurements we recommend using KaiSA96 plates
  • For assays requiring low streptavidin leaching we recommend UniverSA96 plates, on which the streptavidin is bound covalently onto the surface
  • For applications utilising time-resolved fluorometry, we recommend KaiSA96 LOW plates.

For more detailed information on the different plates and their specifications, please contact us.

If you cannot find what you are looking for among our catalogue items, we can prepare custom plates designed specifically for your purposes.