For the well-being of your assay


Laboratory buffers

We offer a number of different laboratory buffers to be used with your immunoassay. Our catalogue items include clear and coloured assay buffers and a wash concentrate to be used with plate washers. In addition, we provide Europium Fluorescence Intensifier, a solution for use in lanthanide chelate-based assays that require a separate intensification step at the end of the assay. Please click here to download the packacge insert for Europium Fluorescence Intensifier.

For use with Upcon® nanoparticles, we offer a stabilizer concentrate to ensure optimal performance of your particles and assay buffers optimized specifically for microplate assays or lateral flow assays.

For more detailed information on the various buffers and their specifications, please contact us.

If you cannot find what you are looking for among our catalogue items, we can prepare a custom buffer designed specifically for your purposes.