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Whether you are looking for ready-to-use products or a trusted partner in custom assay development, Kaivogen offers high quality reagents and services to meet all your needs.

Kaivogen operates under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, demonstrating commitment to constant high quality, continual improvement and sustainable business performance. For product-specific certification status, please see our price & product list.

Our success is down to our highly skilled and motivated personnel. Inspirational and innovative R&D creates new tools for our customers in the diagnostics field, and our customer-oriented services create a solid foundation for successful collaboration.

High customer satisfaction is the core of our quality policy.

We deliver what you want when you need it!

Management system certification

The development, manufacturing and distribution of coated microtiter plates and components for bioaffinity assays by Kaivogen is certified according to the Quality Management System standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. Kaivogen has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 2008 and ISO 13485 certification since 2011 with a track record of no major nonconformities.

Download our Management System Certificate by clicking on the image.


References and collaborators

We are proud to work with many leading biotechnology and IVD partners. We also participate in several government and EU funded programs. Here you can find some of our references and collaborators.


Please click here and here to read about our SARS-CoV-2 serological antibody ELISA developed in collaboration with Actim. For more information about Actim´s COVID -19 products, please click here.

High quality

‘It’s evident immediately, that Kaivogen is a capable organisation with quality at its heart. The QC details are the best we have seen to date!’– Head of R&D Operations of a Research company


‘Kaivogen has an extremely good capability of scaling-up production upon request’– VP, Operations of a major IVD company


‘We have tested the three batches manufactured by Kaivogen and they all fulfil our quality requirements very well’– Quality Control Manager of an IVD company

Customer oriented service

‘Thank you very much for your mail. To be honest, I’m really happy with the way you work and plan the work. It’s a real pleasure to work with suppliers like you.’– Production Manager of an IVD company